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Read what our lovely clients say about Chocolako

I went to Chocolako’s womb wisdom class a few weeks ago and it impacted me profoundly, so firstly I want to express gratitude for that. The class helped me feel into a lot of femininity that I’ve been channeling.


“It was a great pleasure and honor to be with Chocolako today. So inspiring and liberating. I look forward to taking some of this energy home with me to my Women’s Circle”


“Chocolako’s Cacao Circle and African Dance workshop was very powerful. A friend of mine who came along is still in awe. He’s never experienced anything like that or the space to really express himself. Thank you.”


“I came to Chocolako’s womb wisdom class a few weeks ago and it impacted me profoundly. I want to express gratitude for that. It helped me feel a lot of femininity that I’ve been channeling.”


“I went to Chocolako’s womb wisdom class two weeks ago – I’ve had some energy stuck in my womb/gut area. I’ve been having a really hard time digesting food. After her class I ended up releasing major poop for four days nonstop, it felt like it cleared a lot which was beautiful.”


“Chocolako’s Cacao Circle and African Dance workshop is really powerful. I can’t wait to attend more :-)”


“The first time I met Chocolako I felt so warm around her. She had such a positive vibe it overwhelmed me. I was impressed by her and couldn’t wait to learn. The class precedes itself. I was in “awe.” I learned so much after one lesson and I wanted more. I never missed a class. I would go home energized and excited to continue practicing what we learned in class.

Choc has such an infections spirit, she’s amazingly kind, honest, friendly, and she take her time with every single person. I’m very grateful for Choc. She’s taught me so much.”


“Before attending my first #YogaWithChoc class in 2014 I had never done yoga before at all -or anything similar. In my mind it wasn’t really exercise, rather more mediation. However, after my first class – and a lot of sweating – I realized this definitely was exercise for my mind and body! Initially it felt like I would never remember or hold the positions but after just a few classes with Choc, definitely you will get into the flow and find yourself getting stronger and able to hold for a bit longer and stretch a bit further. Yoga with Choc leaves you feeling like you’ve really had a work out but also very relaxed – and satisfied with yourself for a job well done!”
- Kemi O (London, England)

“My first yoga class with Choc was amazing! I felt reassured that I was with a great teacher. As I have continued with my practice with her, I have become physically stronger, more disciplined and confident of my ability. I enjoy the focus on breathing and enjoying my pace during class. The atmosphere in Choc’s class is encouraging and it feels great to do vinyasa in rhythm with others in the group. Joining Choc’s classes has made my Lagos experience even more special than it already is.”
- Harsheth V. (Lagos, Nigeria)

“I’ve had several opportunities to attend private yoga sessions with Chocolako. I thoroughly enjoyed each session. She has great ability to connect easily and fully make her client feel comfortable and well attended to. I felt very energetic and relaxed and could feel my transformation – mentally, emotionally and physically – during each session. She is punctual, well prepared for the session and fully present with you during the session with all her energy and passion. She has undisputed love for yoga and she demonstrates it in an exemplary manner. She inspired me to take my health and yoga practice sessions seriously.”
- Nasir Malik (Lagos, Nigeria)

“Chocolako made my Bali trip memorable. Her Womb Wisdom class is next level. I learned plenty in a short amount of time. I’m excited to register for her yoga teacher training and learn even more.”
-Sarah (Portugal)

“Choc’s class can be simply described in three words; uplifting, energetic and sensational. My yoga experience this past year has been very fulfilling. Her focus on technique, strength and healing has helped me achieve my overall fitness goals.”
- Jamachi C. A. (Lagos, Nigeria)

“Yoga was always something that intrigued me but I must confess I held the opinion at some point that it wasn’t macho enough. I suffered from a restless mind and body and so was never able to commit to stretching either, but as my weights and martial arts training got more intense it was obvious that I needed to make a compromise. Choc had just started giving classes at my gym and it was obvious I was going to be the only guy in the class but I was comfortable enough with my masculinity ;-). Looking back now it was the best decision I made, in less than 6 months of practicing with Choc my anxiety level lessened, my body was getting into positions I never imagined possible and I was making great progress with my weights and Muay Thai training. My Yoga mat followed me everywhere I traveled and every time I went into practice with a new group I would be initially anxious about whether I was prepared to practice with more advanced
yogis, and if perhaps Choc had been too easy on me, but every time I practiced with a new group I was proven wrong. I could not have been better prepared by a better Yogi. Choc provides authentic, international standard yoga teaching.”
- Caesario D (Lagos, Nigeria)

“Yoga with Choc is always an amazing experience. She connects with all the class participants, and you will always feel like part of a family in her class. She is very personable and no one feels left out throughout the class. She is one of the best yoga instructors I’ve had!! I love attending Choc’s yoga classes because I am guaranteed to get a good sweat, a good stretch, and overall mental rejuvenation. It’;s just completely worth my time (and money!). Before yoga class I’ve usually had a long day, or I’m just rolling out of bed, so I feel drained or on low energy levels. Once the class starts I feel my body and mind re-awakening. Each pose in Choc’s class eases you into the body and targets a different level of nourishment, which pushes me to new limits of stretching, strengthening andcreating space. It is a challenging 60 minutes that begins and ends with focus on the breath. At the end of the class I feel accomplished. It’s just an all round fulfilling experience.”
- Nji M. (Lagos)

“I was advised to incorporate yoga in my workouts due to increased inflexibility and other sporting injuries. However, I never did so until I discovered Choc’s yoga classes.
I tried numerous instructors, classes, styles of yoga all over the world, but did not find anything suitable. The problems were the classes were either:
a) slow and boring – making me look at the clock constantly – or
b) were extremely complex – where one was expected to wrap their legs around one’s neck!

Choc’s classes were not only inviting and friendly, but more importantly full of energy. The movements flow easily from one to the next, holding for just the right amount of time to feel the stretch and not lose focus on what was going on. Choc’s strength is attention to detail, and making a class feel personalized despite the number
of students. She moves around the class and makes minute changes to one’s posture, which surprisingly translates into a world of difference, making you really feel the pose.
Within 3 classes with Choc I felt significant improvement – now, instead of looking at the clock to see when will this class end, I find myself looking at the clock to see when does Choc’s class start.”

–Ada (Lagos, Nigeria)

“I tried yoga only a few times before meeting Choc and I have to admit I never really took it as a serious form of exercise. However, my first 6AM class at Bodyline with Choc changed my entire perception of yoga. Choc was patient, kind and so helpful in helping me grow stronger, leaner and now a firm believer in yoga. I sweat more with Choc’s yoga class than I do during cardio. My body ached in places I didn’t even know existed (in a good way). Yoga with Choc made me so aware of my body and what it could do. By the end of each class I felt so calm and accomplished. Choc is a great teacher and her passion and drive to spread love whilst also getting fit is so inspiring. I recommend Choc’;s class to everyone. She truly is amazing.”
- Temi A. (Lagos, Nigeria)

“I went to high school with Choc….She has always been this amazing energy and we thank God that she is present for such a time as this.”
- Tye G. (Atlanta, GA)

“I gave yoga a try a few times before Choc came along. Her class were different from any other experience I tried. I love the pace, flow and build up of the poses in Choc’s class. Each pose releases tension in my muscles. I feel myself getting stronger with each class, “progress not perfection”, is the phrase she weaves discreetly in between poses. The focus on where the mind wanders and importance of meditation are embedded in my daily routine, thanks to Choc. I love the non-judgmental self-love and love towards others, which we dedicate each practice to. It’s a little oasis and reminder for that day or week. Choc made me fall in love with yoga, I wish I could do it everyday, maybe a video would be a nice reminder of what I used to have…(wink, wink).”
- Pelumi A. (Houston, Texas)

“I commenced practicing yoga for the first time one year ago, at the age of 48. This coincided with a commitment to get fitter and healthier. I commenced and continue to train in a gym, following a moderate cardio and weights program. Then my friend, who I was training with, suggested I try yoga. Before trying, I have to admit, I had a naive and skeptical view of the benefits of yoga. However, after giving it a go, I was hooked from the start. I immediately got this great feeling throughout my body after each session, which I refer to as my yoga buzz. The physical workout was proving very fulfilling. After a few months, I heard about Choc’s yoga classes and tried this out and this took my yoga experience to another level. I found that not only was my body being exercised, but my mind and soul was also experiencing a very calming sensation and I realized Choc had shifted the yoga buzz to both my mind and body. I now find myself looking forward to getting my body, mind and spirit through yoga practice and it has changed the way I view many things in life. Life is good!”
- Glen P. (Lagos, Nigeria)

“I initially attended Chocolako’s yoga class because I needed to stretch my muscles and I knew yoga would help me unwind. I was not expecting much else. To my surprise that first class did so much for me. The mood, the music, the lighting and Choc’s soothing voice telling me to “be in the moment and release the perception of problems; this is a time to just let go of everything. Release and relax”. The sequence of stretches and yoga poses are great and I find myself really sweating and connecting with my breath. Choc’s class is not your average yoga class. After each class I feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer everything. Yoga with Choc is about body, mind and soul!
She is passionate about what she does and it comes across in every single one of her classes. No two sessions are the same, the stretches are always different and that is why I return to her classes every week.”
- Leilani L. (Atlanta, GA)

“I practice yoga with Choc because I find her sessions wholesome. Each class gives a
complete and balanced yoga experience and gives one a sense of satisfaction both physically and mentally. During yoga class I feel more present, and after each class I feel refreshed, clear-minded and at peace. I was a beginner before I started my classes with Choc although I tried yoga a few times beforehand, but not consistently. I now approach my yoga practice with more dedication as I believe that yoga is beneficial for my mental, physical and spiritual well-being.”
-Toke I. (Lagos, Nigeria)

“I have practiced yoga with a couple of yoga instructors, however a firsthand experience with Chocolako’s yoga class simply blew me away. I’ve become “addicted” – if I’m allowed to use this word – no two classes are ever the same. She is very professional. Choc makes you feel as though you are the only person in her class. She takes her time to put you through the poses through clever sequencing and gives pep talks as well. I recommend anyone willing to feel more alive and happy to attend Chocolako’s yoga class or anything else she does. She is incredible at what she does”
-Lanre Osho, Physical Therapist

“My yoga journey started with Choc in 2015. My thinking then was yoga is simple but I was seriously surprised. #YogaWithChoc was an eye opener – a pleasant experience. The way she starts each session with guided meditation to calm you down (after Lagos hustle) before easing you into yoga poses feels amazing. She was able to communicate with me effectively, while challenge my body. By the time Choc stopped teaching at Fitness Central, I moved from beginner to practicing headstands in class. I have not perfected the head stand but it is a journey which is unending and I intend to continue. I am better with my breathing and more flexible than ever. Thanks to Choc. Namaste.”
- Adeola O. (Lagos)

“Yoga with Choc is a workout for your body, mind and soul.”
- Femi S. (London, England)