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8AM to 6PM

Journey into the mystical world of cacao ceremonies and unlock the healer within.

This 10-day multi-sensory certification program guides you step-by-step in facilitating meaningful cacao experiences for yourself and others.

Are you curious about cacao and ceremonial practices? Would you like to help yourself and others remain lit from within?

During this training, you will learn how to guide yourself and your community through cacao’s proven powers to open hearts, release blocks, and access higher perspectives.

This enchanting training is open to anyone who wants to learn about, develop or fine-tune facilitation & space-holding skills.

Discover how to create a sacred ceremonial space that bridges ancestry and present consciousness to manifest positive change.

Through interactive workshops, practical learning, and in-person excursions you will gain confidence facilitating powerful ceremonies honoring cacao’s lineage from its roots in ancient African and Mayan cultures to its modern integration as a catalyst for inner exploration.

Experience cacao as a plant spirit and teacher, and share it’s sacred gifts with your clients and community.

Over 10 days of in-person learning, this course will prepare you to:

  • Craft cacao into nourishment; learn traditions from seed to cup plus recipes to open the heart’s wisdom
  • Embody the centered presence for holding ceremonial space – energy management tools for safe, aligned facilitation
  • Blend and administer cacao formulas connecting past lineages and emerging communities
  • Lead intimate gatherings and large circles through proven sequences: set intentions, orchestrate journeys, guide integration
  • Bridge ancient rhythms with modern personal development to initiate consciousness expansion

Immerse yourself in the origins, rituals, and preparation of ceremonial cacao.

Learn hands-on from expert facilitator Chocolako to create a sacred space source ethically, and sit with cacao’s wisdom. Return home capable of holding transformative ceremonies rooted in respect for tradition.
  • Dive into the history, rituals and energetics of cacao
  • Visit a cacao farm to understand the matrix of ceremonial pathways
  • Learn space holding techniques to create an atmosphere of trust, care, and regeneration
  • Facilitate intimate or large gatherings with confidence, care and compassion
  • Transform yourself and others through the “food of the gods”
  • Gather intelligence between Earth’s teachings and the Heart’s wisdom
  • Realize from within why alignment and integration are essential and symbolize a pathway toward health and harmony

This journey calls to you if:

  • Your heart’s wisdom compels service through ceremonial leadership
  • Cacao’s abundant nourishment and indigenous roots magnetize deeper initiation
  • An inward yearning to midwife transformation – both personal and collective – persists
  • Guides, coaches, teachers feel destiny’s nudge to uplift communities through sacredness
  • Unblocking healing powers through ritual, self-inquiry, and embodied sensations sounds affirming
  • Blending earth’s ancient rhythms with current conscious spaces sparks inspiration
  • Trusted mentorship and supportive community ease the often lonesome path of self-actualization
Ultimately, this journey unblocks creativity, vitality and inner freedom through sacred cacao initiation. Should you need additional reasons to join…

This training will support you to gain:

  • Extensive immersion into cacao’s history – from cultivation to modern applications
  • Become proficient in bean-to-bar chocolate alchemy – the complete farm-to-cup spectrum
  • Source high-vibration cacao aligned with your ethics and intentions
  • Develop skills for holding ceremonial space from energetic principles to ritual frameworks – for both individual and collective transformation.

Guide from Embodied Wisdom

Throughout this transformative training, you will integrate expanded knowledge and real-world experience into everyday practice.
Having directed your own metamorphosis through cacao, new wisdom and intuition awaken – allowing you to compassionately guide others seeking growth and healing.
Lead with confidence born from walking the inward path
It is a powerful experience to be illuminated by the Earth and Heart’s eternal light.

There’s a reason why Earth and Heart are spelled with the same letters. Find out why for yourself during this 10-day journey in Ubud, Bali.

The practical knowledge and inner development gained will allow you to merge ancient rituals with modern communities……

Register today. Space is limited.

Develop confident facilitation skills grounded in respect for the past, present, and future of cacao’s place in spirituality and personal development

Deepen your knowledge from seed to ceremony:

  • Understand the essence of cacao’s rich history and communal gatherings around the world
  • Become proficient in the farming, harvesting and preparation process of ceremonial cacao
  • Customize recipes to suit your needs and communal intentions
  • Facilitate gatherings for individuals and groups through integrative processing
  • Align and integrate cacao with meditation, yoga and somatic movement


8:00 am | Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama
9:30 am | Breakfast
10:30 am | Cacao Workshop #1
12:00 am | Lunch and Lounge
2:00 pm | Cacao Workshop #2
3:30 pm | Personal Practice
4:30 pm | Yinnergy or Restorative Innergy
5:30 pm | Integration and After Care

Meet Chocolako

Meet Chocolako – a taste of Africa, a world of flavor.

As the first woman freed from arranged marriage in her lineage, this intuitive guide has blossomed into a radiant force for transformation.

Having cultivated spiritual mentorship across 6 continents, Chocolako creatively integrates rituals to empower others in liberating themselves and living out their soul’s purpose.

Whether studying with shamans or elders in Peru, preparing cacao in Mexico, or exploring the Maasai Mara Safari with a group, she’s always deepening her well of insight and supporting others to do the same.

Chocolako is an international yoga teacher and teacher trainer at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.

Her uplifting classes, Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training and Womb Wisdom Wellbeing Yoga Teacher Training bridge tradition with transformation to help students shine from within.

With over 8,000 teaching hours, this soulful E-RYT 500 exudes warmth, and holds space for grace, laughter, tears and expansion.

Beyond teaching yoga worldwide, Chocolako earned her MBA from Bayes Business School in London, an MPH from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human & Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Learn more at and savor her uniquely flavored offerings!

“I truly appreciated the cacao ceremony you led, it definitely release tension in my hips and unlocked more movement down there. Your energy is both fierce, but light. It was perfect for the ceremony.” – Sarah from Germany
“I enjoyed participating in Chocolako’s Cacao Circle and African Dance and immediately wanted to know where to buy the cacao. It tasted fantastic and unlocked something deep in me.” – Melissa from Singapore
“I attended Chocolako’s workshop at the Yoga Barn in March. In September I will come back with a larger group of 25 people, and we would love to experience her energy and cacao ceremony. I feel more free, more alive.” – Mariuca from Romania
“The Cacao Ceremony and African Dance with Chocolako was amazing! I really enjoyed this session. It was my first time at The Yoga Barn, and I’m excited to meet her and join her other classes. She’s a big force of energy.” – Daniel from the USA
“My friend Michelle and I attended Chocolako’s Cacao Circle and African Dance last night, we had such an amazing experience. She facilitated a beautiful, sacred circle.” – Sukie from London
“Now that I’m on my way back home and I digest all the experiences from this journey, I want to thank Chocolako for her energy. The Cacao Ceremony and African Dance was the top experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I felt so alive and happy.” – Kimberley from Australia
“Hi Chocolako, thank you so much for the amazing experiences. I attended your womb wisdom and cacao circle with African dance. I really feel that I liberated myself. Thank you so much.” – Jessica from The USA
“Hey Chocolako, I did your cacao ceremony and African dance and honestly I felt so amazing after it. It has inspired me to want to learn more from you.” – Mary from The Netherlands

Location: The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali

(April, August and December Trainings)

Located in the heart of bustling downtown Ubud, The Yoga Barn is a welcoming tropical oasis that has been an anchor for the global yoga community since 2007, when it humbly opened its gates, with only one simple studio on the edge of a raging river.

The spirit of The Yoga Barn is intrinsically led by the depth of Balinese culture & spirituality, blessed by the Hindu and animistic traditions of Bali, and embraced by the healing medicine of Ubud.

The Yoga Barn’s expansion over the years into a ‘global yoga epicenter’ has been in direct response to the demands of the student and is fueled by the passion and positive intentions of all the faculty and staff who participate in keeping the magic alive, daily.

Currently, The Yoga Barn is known as one of the top wellness & yoga centers in the world, as an oasis for learning, self-discovery, wellness, healing, rejuvenation and inner transformation.

The studios are famously known for their tropical environment which cultivates an ‘in nature’ connection, an aspect and feeling that is unique to The Yoga Barn experience.

Location: Taksu Wellness Center in Ubud, Bali

(May and July Trainings)

Escape into Taksu Wellness Center – a sanctuary enveloped within Ubud’s lush jungle just 10 minutes from The Yoga Barn, providing tranquility with accessibility.

Built within an enchanting ravine and thriving along beloved Jl. Gautama, Taksu fuses nature’s beauty with leading-edge wellness in Ubud’s heart.

Awaken senses strolling wood decks near gentle waterfalls, connecting with jungle sounds and primordial energy flow.

Learn ancestral wisdom traditions merging old rhythms into new eras alongside diverse teachers guiding from experience – the perfect foundation in this power spot.

Whether restoring delicate balance wandering forest trails, purifying in the Dragonfly Spa, or nourishing at the alchemical Tulsi Juice Bar, access deep restoration in this spiritual oasis known for harmonizing humans and nature.

For over a decade, Taksu has mentored restoration in body, mind and spirit echoing these lands’ primordial songlines.

Now immerse in their secrets to bridge cacao’s ancient magic with emerging communities through conscious ritual in one of Ubud’s most treasured destinations.

“Facilitation is an art form. Chocolako has mastered this art form. This training gave me so much more than just teachings about cacao and what it takes to create an impactful ceremony.

Though these aspects are thoroughly covered, this training was about everything required behind the scenes to forge oneself into who you need become to step into the role of facilitator with confidence and authenticity, uninhibited by any preconceived ideas about who you are and what is holding you back. This is about expanding and unveiling the essential nature that already exists within. This was a revitalization of the inner majesty that has always been there and in turn – a reminder of what exists inside us all if only we shed the stories and cultivate a relationship with our inner sanctum.

I am immensely grateful for the example Chocolako set regarding what it means to be a strong yet deeply nurturing presence, fully in her power, and helping me to remember how to step back into mine. If you feel called to this training, it is for a reason. And if you trust that and show up genuinely and ready to receive, you will grow in deeply profound, irreversible, and magnificent ways.”


“I am very happy to have joined Chocolako for her cacao ceremony facilitation training. Before the course started I was looking to learn more about cacao, experience the process of making cacao from tree to cup and also learn important skills to hold safe and good quality spaces for ceremony.

I was not disappointed. This course was in my opinion excellent. I have learned valuable skills that are also transferable to other space holding events and I feel competent and confident leaving to facilitate my own ceremonies.

Guest teachers were brought in to offer specific insight and they were very good.

Excursions were fun, enjoyable and educational.

Chocolako holds her training with genuine care for her participants. An experienced and educated woman full of wisdom, keen to share what she has learned with others.”


“I would recommend anyone who is ready for a transformative life changing training with Chocolako! I joined her 10 days cacao facilitator training.

I consider it to be the best gift I ever gave to my self.

I felt so safe, seen and empowered through out the training.

She guided us with so much love and compassion and I definitely felt much more confident after the training .

I felt I got more than I expected with other external teachers included in the rich program.”


“This training has brought me so much more than learning about facilitation of a cacao ceremony.This training has given me the knowledge and confidence to FACILITATE, whether that be cacao ceremony, any other kind of ceremony or gathering or a retreat.

Chocolako is a very experienced, wise and fun teacher. She has this amazing energy which she radiates to her surroundings. Chocolako has truly thought me to be confident and embrace the divine woman in me, which I am forever grateful for!”


Ready to unlock the healer within and bridge tradition with transformation?

Begin your journey today, Reserve your seat in the circle now!
Join our Immersive 10-day certification program to start sharing cacao’s nourishing gifts with your clients and community.
Enrollment is limited – apply now!
$1500 USD
(Regular Price: $2500)
*Save an additional $200 if you bring a friend!
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  • 10 days of experiential learning
  • Hands-on facilitator training
  • Foundational training manual
  • Breakfast included
  • Culinary instruction
  • Chocolate making workshop
  • Ceremonial grade cacao
  • Recipes and step-by-step ceremony guidance
  • Water Purification Temple Visit
  • Cacao Farm Excursion
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Continued education credit for Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance – YACEP

MAY 8-18

(Early bird rate by May 1st)

JULY 1-10

(Early bird rate by June 15th)

AUG 1-10

(Early bird rate by July 15th)

DEC 12-21

(Early bird rate by Nov 15th)

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